About Little Earth Education Singapore

Little Earth Education, an international educational group, originated in the United Kingdom and officially entered business in Singapore in May 2019.

Combining the best of Chinese and Western education, Little Earth Education integrates Singapore’s mature bilingual education system into its training curriculum for its collection of educational courses for children and adults.

We advocates an interactive learning atmosphere, focusing on the cultivation of language, social and emotional intelligence.

Our Learning Environment

Courses offered by Little Earth Education integrate Harvard’s whole brain development curriculum.

They explore multiple intelligence through inquiry and experiential learning and discover children’s interests or hobbies as well as to develop children’s self-learning abilities.

Our courses are designed for children aged 3-12, as well as adults.

We inspire children aged 3-12 to think beyond the school curriculum and expand their worldviews by developing problem-solving skills, teamwork and resilience.

We offer sessions on weekdays, weekends and school holidays.

All classes and camps are suitable for all levels of knowledge.

All children are welcome to join any our class or any of our camps.

We inspire children in real-life challenges and encourage them to put theory into practice in a fun and engaging way with a special emphasis on Science, Language skill and Arts subjects.

We explore three important areas in our courses: 

Self-ExpressionSelf-Discovery and Self-Practice.

These three areas support the comprehensive development of the brain and cultivate multiple intelligence such as: 

speaking, reading, art, experimental science, calligraphy, handmade and baking.

Based on years of intensive experiences in education, the founders of Little Earth Education have compiled a unique set of “associated teaching methods” designed to make the course curriculum more visual, interesting and diversify the children’s imagination.

Our unique teaching method adopts the combination of Chinese and English languages, contextualization and modularization of themes.

We make teaching entertaining so that the children can enjoy the fun in learning to gain more knowledge, while we also continue to stimulate the children’s interest and confidence in learning.

Take this relevant teaching method as an example:

This week’s curriculum teaches about “animal” knowledge in the English class, and during the art classes, we will also teach how to draw various animals in a relevant way.

Adhering to the educational concept of “Teaching According to Aptitude, Step By Step”, Little Earth Education fully combines children’s second language learning habits and psychology.

Children will be scientifically assessed and taught according to their interests, age and pre-school proficiency level in speaking to ensure that children can receive the most suitable teaching curriculum for them.

Since its establishment, we have won the unanimous favour of parents and children by the virtue of our first-class teachersprofessional service teamsunique teaching concepts and internationally advanced training systems.

Looking to the future ahead, Little Earth Education will continue to abide by our original mission.

In appreciation of all the trust and expectations that our students have on us, we want to reciprocate by providing better classrooms and services for all of them.

By doing so, we can also allow more children to “fall in love with learning and gain growth”.

Our Team

little earth education teacher

Little Earth Education has an experienced and outstanding teaching and research team who have passed strict assessment and selection tests. 

We have a successful background and solid expertise in education with proven experience educating children from preschool to primary schools.

Our teachers possessed accredited qualifications and a wealth of teaching experience, including elite teachers who have graduated from prestigious universities such as Cambridge University.

We employ a range of tutors and mentors from preschool to primary school teachers, PhD and EdD students, academic Doctors and post-doctoral researchers.

All our tutors and mentors are specialists in their subjects.

In addition, Little Earth Education attaches great importance to the teaching and quality training of teachers, and has accumulated a matured teacher training system after years of operation. 

The Group Centre regularly conducts teachers’ training through videos, articles, conferences and other methods with daily, follow-up coaching to communicate and optimize teaching methods