Looking for Primary & Secondary Chinese Tuition Near You?

Chinese is one of the widely spoken languages in the world to date and it is no doubt the most useful language to learn as of today.

At Little Earth Education, children are immersed in a Chinese-speaking environment that helps build a solid foundation in the Chinese language, which is advantageous in the formal schooling years.

Looking for Chinese tuition near you? Little Earth Education offers the best primary and secondary chinese tuition classes near you!

Our Primary & Secondary Chinese Tuition Syllabus


Reading And Writing

Primary chinese tuition near you

During primary Chinese tuition lessons, Little Earth Education introduces students to using a a mind map to learn Chinese (such as a circle map and colour code. Mind maps are great for learning Chinese especially for Vocabulary, Reading and Writing, The individual but relevant characters are linked together in a visual way, which helps the brain to see the connection and therefore remember better and more quickly.

For example, the mind map above shows the central idea “秋天 “(Autumn) in the middle with the branches containing relevant vocabulary to Autumn such as 树 叶,南瓜,万圣节,玉米,葡萄, 野餐,板栗. As you can see, you can use images to represent each word, which makes memorizing them even easier.

What Makes Our Primary & Secondary Chinese Tuition Classes Special?

Comprehensive Subject Topics

Our primary Chinese tuition classes are available from Primary 1 to 6 and Secondary 1-5.

Tuition are available for different subjects, depending on the level of the students.

Experienced and Qualified Teachers

Choose the teacher that you are satisfied with, before the class begins.

In the event you like to change to another teacher, you are able to do so too!

In other words, we want you to be happy when you send your kids to our tuition centre.

Flexible and Variety of Teaching Methods

We adopt a variety of teaching methods to allow students to choose from so that students can achieve their best results with our tuition services.

1 to 1 tuition or small group tuition is available near you for Primary and Secondary Chinese tuition classes.

Pick the Primary and Secondary Chinese tuition class that works best for your kids!

Why Choose Us For Primary & Secondary Chinese Tuition Classes

Choose the Primary and Secondary Chinese tuition teacher that you are satisfied with from a team of teachers before the class begins
1 on 1 teaching, or small group in a class.
Flexible Timing Arrangements for tuition classes
Experienced teachers who went through a stringent selection process and who have also received good feedback from their students are selected for our Primary and Secondary Chinese tuition classes.

To Enroll For Any Our Classes Or Request For More Information


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