K2 to P1 Bridging Course

Is your child ready to start primary school?
Can your child read common sights words?
Can your child read and understand simple instructions?
Can your children do simple matching, ordering and counting?
We have solutions to all these!
Our K2 to P1 Bridging course is specially designed for preschoolers in preparation for primary school. The courses aims to make the transition from preschool to primary school easier for the child.
We follow the MOE syllabus for Primary One and provides a wide variety of interesting and stimulating exercises to engage preschoolers in active learning. Concepts are introduced and presented in a fun and creative manner to maximise learning.

Subjects Taught

English:  Grammar and Vocabulary, Comprehension, Reading and Writing, Speaking skills.

Mathematics: Simple relationship and patterns, number concepts and all topics covered in Primary 1.

Chinese: Hanyu Pinyin, Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing.

Benefits For Your Kid

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Mon  to Sun, 10am to 7pm

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