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Why Our Maths?

Math is an important subject to learn and it is vital to help young children develop their mathematical thinking.

Looking for Math tuition classes near you? Little Earth Education’s offers the best Math tuition classes near you!

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Maths Olympiad

Maths Tuition

Little Earth Education believes that by conducting Maths Olympiad training during our Math tuition classes, talents in Maths are spotted at a young age, and through years of training, a handful gets selected to represent the nation in international competitions.

Maths Tuition help our students to effectively tackle and ace their Mathematics examinations in school and the PSLE, it also develops critical thinking, in-depth analysis and logical reasoning skills. More than just formulae and solutions, we encourage our students to investigate the mental processes required to solve mathematical problems through numerous heuristic approaches during our Math tuition classes.

In order to ensure that students are equipped with problem solving skills, our Math tuition teachers will:

In national examinations, students must show understanding and apply problem-solving skills to often new and challenging questions. Below are the lists of international Mathematics competition organizations in Singapore.

Math Tuition Near Me | Singapore Math Kangaroo Contest (SMKC)

Singapore Math Kangaroo Contest

Math Tuition Near Me | International Junior Math Olympiad (IJMO)

International Junior Math Olympiad

Math Tuition Near Me | Singapore International Math Olympiad Challenge (SIMOC)

Singapore International Math Olympiad Challenge

Math Tuition Near Me | Raffles Institution Primary Mathematics World Contest (RIPMWC)

Raffles Institution Primary Mathematics World Contest

Math Tuition Near Me | American Mathematics Competition (AMC)

American Mathematics Competition

Math Tuition Near Me | Singapore Mathematical Olympiad for Primary Schools (SMOPS)

Singapore Mathematical Olympiad for Primary Schools

Comprehensive Materials for Math Tuition Classes

Having access to comprehensive materials is crucial for effective math tuition. At Little Earth Education, we understand the importance of providing students with high-quality resources to support their learning journey. Our math tuition classes utilise a range of comprehensive materials, including textbooks, workbooks, practice papers, and interactive online resources.

These materials are carefully curated to cover the full spectrum of math topics and concepts, ensuring that students receive a well-rounded education. From basic arithmetic to advanced problem-solving techniques, our materials cater to students of all levels and abilities. With clear explanations, step-by-step examples, and ample practice opportunities, students can build confidence and master essential math skills.

Below are some images of the front covers of our comprehensive math materials:

Enrol in our math tuition classes today and gain access to these invaluable resources to support your academic success!

What Makes Our Math Tuition Classes Special?

Comprehensive Subject Topics

Our Math tuition classes are available from Primary 1 to 6 and Secondary 1-5.

Little Earth Education offers the best Math tuition classes near you!

Experienced and Qualified Teachers

Choose the Math tuition teacher that you are satisfied with, before the class begins.

In the event you like to change to another Math tuition teacher, you are able to do so too!

In other words, we want you to be happy when you send your kids to our Math tuition class.

Flexible and Variety of Teaching Methods

We adopt a variety of teaching methods during Math tuition class to allow students to choose from so that students can achieve their best results with our tuition services.

1 on 1 tuition or small group Math tuition are available near you.

Pick the Math tuition class that works best for your kids!

Why Choose Our Math Tuition Classes?

Choose the Math tuition teacher that you are satisfied with from a team of teachers before the class begins
1 to 1 teaching, or small group in a class.
Flexible Timing Arrangements for Math tuition classes
Experienced teachers who went through a stringent selection process and who have also received good feedback from their students are selected for our Math tuition classes.

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