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Science Exploration Programme

Our Science Exploration Programme offers an immersive and hands-on experience for students during school holiday programmes. Participants can expect exciting experiments, interactive demonstrations, and engaging activities that bring science to life. Under the guidance of our experienced tutors, students will delve into various scientific concepts and principles, fostering curiosity and critical thinking skills. By participating in this programme, students can expect to gain a deeper understanding of science, develop problem-solving abilities, and ignite a passion for scientific inquiry. The benefits of enrolling in our Science Exploration Programme include improved academic performance in science subjects, enhanced practical skills, and the opportunity to explore potential career paths in STEM fields.

School Holiday Programmes
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Our Past Holiday Camp Outing

Little Tour Guide Series Cultural Enrichment Programme — Singapore Landmarks

Rubik’s Cube Challenge

Our Rubik’s Cube Challenge is an exhilarating school holiday programme designed to introduce students to the world of speed cubing. Participants can expect intensive training sessions, friendly competitions, and expert guidance from experienced cubers. By enrolling in this programme, students will learn advanced solving techniques, improve their solving speed, and enhance their problem-solving abilities. The benefits of participating in our Rubik’s Cube Challenge include improved spatial awareness, enhanced memory and concentration, and the opportunity to develop valuable skills such as perseverance and resilience. Join us for the Rubik’s Cube Challenge and unlock the secrets to mastering the iconic Rubik’s Cube puzzle!

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School Holiday Programmes 1

Our Past Festive Camp

Christmas Party for Children

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