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Empowering Minds with Bilingual Excellence

Discover a world where language unlocks creativity, curiosity, and growth. Join us at Little Earth Education, where every lesson is an adventure and every child’s potential is limitless.

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About us

Nurturing the Next Generation with Care and Wisdom

At Little Earth Education, we understand that the journey of parenting is both challenging and rewarding. We stand as partners to parents who dream of nurturing not just successful but happy and healthy children. Our global educational expertise, fused with the richness of bilingual learning, offers a unique environment where children flourish in all dimensions of life.

We believe that the cornerstone of a bright future is a balanced development of both mind and heart. Through our carefully crafted educational programs, we encourage children to explore, engage, and excel. Our team of dedicated educators brings to the table a wealth of knowledge and a passion for teaching that transforms learning into an enriching adventure.

Join us on this extraordinary quest to unlock the full potential of your child, fostering a love for learning that lasts a lifetime.

Choosing Little Earth Education’s student care centre in Tampines was one of the best decisions we made. The staff are friendly and professional, and our child loves going there. It’s a relief to know they’re in good hands after school.



Student care

Comprehensive Care for Every Childhood Stage

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Safe and nurturing environment

From their first steps to their primary school achievements, our care for your child never wavers. At Little Earth Education, we create a haven where safety and warmth set the stage for learning and growth. In our nurturing environment, your little one's well-being is our top priority, paving the way for happy, confident explorers of life.

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Nutritious Diet

Healthy bodies fuel curious minds. That's why our menu at Little Earth Education is crafted with a balanced diet in mind, ensuring your child receives the wholesome nutrition needed for a day full of learning and play. Our culinary approach is scientific yet delicious, providing tasty meals that support a lifetime of healthy habits.

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Charm Courses

Unlocking a child’s potential means nurturing their creativity and confidence. Our Charm Courses offer an array of creative outlets, from fine arts to performance, that enrich children's aesthetic sense and cultural awareness. Each week brings new experiences that foster social skills, creativity, and physical coordination, ensuring your child shines in every aspect of life.


Primary and Secondary


Chinese Tuition

Master Chinese with immersive, mind-mapping techniques and experienced bilingual tutors for academic excellence and cultural fluency.


English Tuition

Excel in English with our specialized PSLE-focused tuition, enhancing comprehension, composition, and confidence in every learner.


Mathematics Tuition

Succeed in Maths with our targeted PSLE-centric tuition, cultivating analytical skills, problem-solving, and mathematical confidence in each student.

Enroll now to give your child the advantage of Little Earth Education's proven, innovative learning methods and dedicated expert teachers.

Why us

Nurturing Tomorrow's Leaders

At Little Earth Education, your child embarks on an enriching educational adventure. Our dedicated educators provide more than knowledge; they instill virtues of kindness, spark creativity, and encourage innovative problem-solving in every learner.


Compassion is key in our classrooms, where children learn to interact with empathy, understanding, and respect - core values that guide our nurturing educational approach.


We inspire creativity through our engaging curriculum, encouraging children to think outside the box and express their ideas in unique and innovative ways.


Emotional resilience is cultivated with care, equipping children with the skills to navigate their feelings and build strong social connections.


At Little Earth Education, innovation isn’t just a buzzword; it’s a practical part of how we teach, using the latest educational practices to spark the imagination and curiosity of every child.

Daily activities

Designed to help children realise their potential

Morning Huddles

Emphasizing bilingual language acquisition through interactive storytime, conversation practice, and engaging language games that support cognitive development and communication skills.

Creative Arts and Expression

Activities such as drawing, painting, music, and drama that promote creativity, self-expression, and emotional intelligence.

Exploratory Science and Math

Hands-on science experiments and math activities that encourage curiosity, critical thinking, and problem-solving, laying a foundation for STEM education.

Physical Development

Structured play, outdoor activities, and physical exercises that focus on motor skills, coordination, and healthy lifestyle habits.

What parent say
Our experience with Little Earth Education's student care centre in Tampines has been fantastic. The facilities are excellent, and the staff are dedicated to providing a supportive environment for the children. Highly recommend!

More than just a joyful place

Little Earth Education is where early dreams take root and blossom. It’s a vibrant learning community that nurtures the mind, inspires the heart, and celebrates every child’s unique journey