Why Choose Little Earth Education Student Care?

So your precious child has started going to school …
As a parent, are you constantly worried about your child being left unattended after school because you are busy at work?
Are you concerned that you have no time to accompany your child to study which resulted in poor grades in school?
Is your child eating and growing healthily without your close supervision?
What about your child’s every day homework?
Are your helpers or grandparents capable of coaching your child to complete and understand their school work?
Or maybe you are wondering if your child is lacking of friends or companionship and is feeling bored at home after school?
We totally understand all your concerns that you have for your little ones, and we are here to solve your problems!
At Little Earth Education, we strive to build a bridge between school and home education so as to improve the academic performance of your children.
We are working towards being the most fun after-school playground for kids!

About Our Student Care Services

school bus

Safety Upgrade: Private School Bus Pickup

Little Earth Education provides  timely school bus service to pick up students from their respective schools and escort them safely to the Student Care centre so that parents do not have to worry about how the children are going to get to their after-school care safely!


professional coaching

Course & Assignment Upgrade: Professional Coaching

During the daily self-study session in our centre, our teachers with years of teaching experience will be there to support your children’s needs to complete their school tasks in a high quality and efficient manner.

A free tuition course will be arranged every week to consolidate and strengthen the children’s knowledge that they have acquired in schools to help them to improve their academic performance and enhance learning ability.

scientific practice

Interest Upgrade: Scientific Practice

We will organise weekly sessions for the children to perform simple scientific experiments, watch science and educational videos, under the guidance of qualified teachers.

We strongly believe in “Interest is the best teacher for children.”

Fun science, educational videos and scientific experiments can increase the children’s interest in science, as well as to cultivate their inquiring ability as they progress through learning of their school curriculum.

charm course

Creative Upgrade: Charm Courses

We offer different types of free courses every week for children to learn and improve their comprehensive literacy.

Art courses, such as fine arts and performance, can enhance children’s aesthetic taste, art level and accumulate artistic cultivation.

Interactive experiential courses such as baking, speech and drama, etiquette and crafting, can cultivate the children’s social skills, creativity and physical coordination.

All these learning will greatly benefit children’s lifelong learning.


holiday camp

Broaden Horizons: Holiday Camps

Most families give their children a lot of lovely presents and all kinds of delicious food. 

Parents’ moods and intentions are understandable.

 However, as the guides of their children’s lives, parents should actually create more opportunities for their children to go out to experience, recognize and cultivate their world views and expand their horizons. 

We organizes outdoor development activities for children during holidays such as museums, art exhibitions, children’s gyms and physical training etc.

Habitual Upgrade: Attention To Details

Survey has found that the smartest children in primary school possess common characteristics.

They are the best in their cohort not because of their high IQ but rather they lead regular life and have good habits.

Small details contain great wisdom. Primary school is the “critical period” of children’s education.

At this age, children’s behavioural habits formed are most effective.

We pay close attention to the habits formed by the children in their daily life and we help them to gradually develop good habits that serve them well in their every day’s life.

reasonable diet

Nutrition Upgrade: Nutritious Diet

In the process of formulating food meal recipes, we pay attention to the matching of various foods in accordance with recommended scientific proportions to ensure that the daily diet requirements are met and the nutrition is balanced for the children.

Primary 1 to Primary 6
Usual Price S$390 per month
Early Bird Launch Price S$350 per month (inclusive of homework tuition, charm course, subject tuition course, free school bus pick up)
School Holiday Period S$490 per month
Early Bird Launch Price S$450 per month (inclusive of homework tuition, charm course, subject tuition course)
Participate in Group Purchase promotions to get discounted pricing for our Student Care services.
Promotion #1 :
Enrol in a group of 3 students, you get 30% off each student in the 1st month.
Promotion #2 :
Sign up for 2 months, each student get one extra month free of charge. 
(Except during school holidays period. Limited to the first 16 groups; each student is only entitled to 1 free month only)
Promotion #3 :
If a child sign up together with another sibling, the siblings enjoy 12% off.
Promotion #4 :
Parents with children enrolled in a student care class can enjoy 12% discount if they are keen to enrol in other courses offered by Little Earth Education.
Promotion #5 :
12% off the original course price for course renewal. 
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