Why Science?

Learning Science creates new knowledge, improves the world’s education and essentially increases the quality of life.

Student Work

Repel glitter with dish soap
Homemade lava lamp

We Teach Your Child

Fun Science

Reading And Writing

Based on a structured syllabus that combines theoretical and practical instruction, our Science Tuition makes the learning of Science both fun and interesting. By engaging our students intellectually and stimulating them to contemplate deeply about scientific principles, this two- pronged approach nurtures their inquiring mind and a lifelong passion for the subject.
The balance of engagement and drill in classes together with the PSLE-styled question types provides a cascading of PSLE skills training to all students from Primary 3. Higher achievers will be further stimulated and challenged with our higher-order science questions.

What makes Little Earth Education tuition class special?

Comprehensive Subject Topics

Our tuition classes are available from Primary 1 to 6.

Tuition are available for different subjects, depending on the level of the students.

Experienced and Qualified Teachers

Choose the teacher that you are satisfied with, before the class begins.

In the event you like to change to another teacher, you are able to do so too!

In other words, we want you to be happy when you send your kids to our tuition centre.

Flexible and Variety of Teaching Methods

We adopt a variety of teaching methods to allow students to choose from so that students can achieve their best results with our tuition services.

1 on 1 tuition or small group tuition are available.

Pick the class that works best for your kids!

Why Little Earth Education Tuition Classes?

Choose the teacher that you are satisfied with from a team of teachers before the class begins
1 on 1 teaching, or 4 students in a class.
Subjects available: Primary 1 to 6 Mathematics, English and Chinese, Primary 3 to 6 Science
Flexible Timing Arrangements for tuition classes
Experienced teachers that went through a stringent selection process who have also received good feedback from their students.

To Enroll For Any Our Classes Or Request For More Information


NTUC Income @ Tampines Junction
300 Tampines Ave 5 #5-6 Singapore 529653

Operation Hours:
Mon  to Sun, 10am to 7pm

Tel: 6970 8058

WhatsApp: 84934397


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